Abortion; November 13, 2022

Jeremiah 32:35 They built high places for Baal in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to sacrifice their sons and daughters to Molech, though I never commanded, nor did it enter my mind, that they should do such a detestable thing and so make Judah sin.

This passage is most famous for verse 27, which I have quoted countless times, and the encouraging words of verses 36-41 are likewise well-loved. However, at the moment it strikes me that this is a very clear description of abortion centers. It is a matter of rejoicing that the tide seems to have turned against abortion in the US, but there are states that are going so far as to enshrine (their word) abortion in their state constitutions. California is the most egregious of those, but they are not alone. That hedonism and unbridled sex would be so valued as to devalue innocent human life is a sad state of affairs indeed. Many people are far more upset about the existence of dog meat markets in some countries than they are about abortion. I don’t agree with the dog meat markets, but there is actually no comparison. The ray of light in all of this is that today’s passage is describing the depths to which Israel and Judah sank, but God redeemed them out of that. America does not replace Israel in God’s plan, but if God could do it for Israel, He can redeem the US as well. Despite the totally disgusting things that go on every day, there is nothing that is too difficult for God, as He reminded us in verse 27. We are certainly not to overlook the filth of various sorts that is going on, and we are to strive against it, but we are to keep our hearts fixed on God and never lose hope, because He is able.

I have been sadly close to abortion a number of times, and it is never pretty. I had a good friend who was one of the most respected OB-Gyn doctors in the city, and before he died (in his 90s) he told me that the greatest regret of his career was that he had performed abortions. He told me clearly that abortion is murder, and I do know that he refused to do them on multiple occasions. (I think the ones he did were before I met him.) He also described the dangers to the mother, and said that most people have no idea what a horrible, unnatural thing abortion is. I have the privilege of teaching Medical English to nurses and therapists, and in the lesson covering OB-Gyn I am careful to let them know the sanctity of human life and the purity of sex as God created and intended it. Beyond that, I can pray, never forgetting that the One to whom I pray is the omnipotent Creator, and nothing is too difficult for Him.

Father, thank You for this reminder. It’s not something I think about that often, outside of class. I do ask Your mercy for the US, and I pray that those who value life would be emboldened and encouraged, so that the abomination of abortion would indeed fade away, for the blessing of Your people and for Your glory. Thank You. Praise God!

About jgarrott

Born and raised in Japan of missionary parents. Have been here as an adult missionary since 1981.
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