October 14, 2013

Isaiah 42:5 This is what God the LORD says–
he who created the heavens and stretched them out,
who spread out the earth and all that comes out of it,
who gives breath to its people,
and life to those who walk on it:

What first attracted my attention to this verse was that it was not underlined, in contrast to the others in the passage! I heard a message once about how we shouldn’t underline in our Bibles because it causes us to overlook things God might be saying to us. This could be an illustration of that idea, but I still feel the act of underlining helps ingrain the Word into our hearts. (I underlined this verse just now, but in a different color.) This verse is giving God’s credentials, so to speak, for what He says following this. The devil vigorously tries to deny the reality of these credentials, and occasionally even tries to claim them for himself, so it’s helpful to review them. Simply put, this verse says that without God, there would be nothing. I like it that it specifies that God gives breath. We can’t even take a breath without the grace of God, but are we grateful? Most of the time, no. That is a major reason why physical problems, either disease or injury, can be a real blessing in the long run. Suddenly not being able to take things for granted, even life itself, can snap us out of our self-centered fog and cause us to look at, or at least look for, the One who provides all things. If we were to maintain grateful awareness of our Creator we might not need such strong reminders!

Just yesterday I was talking with a doctor who came to our service. He has had Christian input from time to time for quite a few years, but he can’t yet bring himself to acknowledge the reality of it all, or that he personally needs to commit himself to Christ. I spoke to him of the absurdity of the Gospel, that the Creator would be so intimately concerned with us His creation, and how God expects us to use the minds He has given us but that intellect is not a substitute for faith. I pray the Holy Spirit would take the words He allowed me to speak and work them into that man’s heart. I deal with people all the time who have his problem, and many of them are doctors or other “intelligentsia.” Atheism is an attempt to say that we don’t need God, that there is no Creator, and it has spawned many children. The most prominent at the moment is the theory of evolution, which sadly is taught as absolute fact in most public schools, even though it has gaping holes and inconsistencies. I cannot change the curriculum by myself, but I can speak truth in love to those who have been blinded by its lies, so that they may receive the truth and be set free. (John 8:32)

Father, thank You for the intellectual capacity You have given me, because it gives me credibility with many who are deceived. Help me remember always, as well as communicate, that intellect alone can never save anyone, unless it teaches them to seek You. Help me walk and speak in all humility, so that as many as possible may be drawn to You, for their salvation and Your glory. Thank You. Praise God!

About jgarrott

Born and raised in Japan of missionary parents. Have been here as an adult missionary since 1981.
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